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Six role models from Bonn: City of Bonn starts new climate protection campaign

Six role models from Bonn : City of Bonn starts new climate protection campaign

Six people from Bonn presented their personal environmental projects in a new climate protection campaign by the city. One thing was clear: it starts with the small things.

Cargo bikes, waste avoidance, energy efficient living and urban gardening: these projects represent the city of Bonn’s new climate protection campaign, presented by the Central Office for Climate Protection in city hall on Monday afternoon.

Campaign manager Marion Wilde explained that through it, the city wants to “make the existing commitment in Bonn visible” and therefore motivate many others to make a personal contribution to an environmentally friendly life.

However, the campaign, which has the slogan “Think afresh. Act simply. Together for the climate” should not appear as if Bonn is pointing a “moral finger.” It relies on “the personal added value that climate friendly action brings for everyone,” she said at the presentation of the ideas.

Climate protection is often easier than expected

The Bonn Central Office for Climate Protection selected six people, whom Wilde introduced: Paul Kurz, an enthusiastic cargo bike rider and active in climate protection through his work with Project Velowerft, through which eight cargo bikes are to be constructed and rented; Imke Feist and Miriam Brink, who initiated the urban gardening project Stadtfrüchtchen; Maria, a young woman who wants to avoid plastic and waste; and the married couple Corina and Gunnar Zander, who, when converting an inherited house in Pützchen, placed particular importance on an energy-oriented renovation.

Wilde emphasised that the choice of these motivated Bonn residents as champions of the campaign served to show citizens that climate protection is often easier than expected. “No-one can and must do everything directly and correctly today,” said Wilde. It was more about showing the variety of possibilities for behaving in a climate friendly way.

The Zander’s story as well as those of the other climate activists can be read on the campaign’s website. There are also tips for implementing similar projects, to supplement the original campaign. The campaign will run for two weeks from 28 May, during which posters of the participants will be displayed on advertising boards in the city.

Another aspect is a photo stand at events, where anyone with an idea for active environmental protection can be photographed. Helmut Wiesner, head of the environment department, explained that the city is also doing its bit. He mentioned the installation of photovoltaic systems on the roofs of civic buildings, the planning of bicycle fast lanes and the work on improving local transport.

For more information go to: www.bonn.de/klimaschutz

(Original text: Nanja Boenisch. Translation: kc)