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Temperatures around 36 Celsius: Heat wave coming to Bonn and the region

Temperatures around 36 Celsius : Heat wave coming to Bonn and the region

Outdoor swimming pools, ice cream parlors and lakes to swim in - the height of summer is coming to Bonn. It could already reach 30 degrees Celsius on Sunday. And it will get even hotter.

As if it were ordered to match the official beginning of summer, the thermometer is climbing in Bonn and the region. "In the new week we are facing a heat wave that can be described as extreme," says the German Weather Service (DWD). Hot summer temperatures of over 35 degrees are expected. The highest temperatures are expected to be reached on Tuesday or Wednesday. Already on Sunday the 30 degree mark is expected to be reached.

On Friday, the longest day of the year, it will initially remain mostly sunny and mild with maximum temperatures of up to 23 degrees in Bonn and the region. Starting Saturday it becomes more summer-like with daily maximum temperatures up to 27 degrees. If the trend continues as predicted, then already on Tuesday afternoon, temperatures over 35 degrees can be reached. "Whether 40 degrees Celsius will be reached for a Germany-wide all time record is still uncertain for now”, says DWD Meteorologe Christian Herold.

The extreme heat will be a stressor for humans and animals, according to heat warning criteria of the German Weather Service. If the temperatures reach more than a “real feel” of 38 degrees Celsius, the weather forecasters speak of an "extreme heat load". As a rule of thumb, the DWD recommends:

  • drink a lot on hot days (especially mineral rich drinks such as water or tea; avoid alcohol)
  • pay attention to elderly people and children
  • avoid heavy physical exertion in the midday heat
  • protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation

In 2018, Bonn reached a new heat record with 39.1 degrees. It was the second highest temperature ever measured in Bonn since 1895, the beginning of weather recording.

(Orig. text: Sebastian Meltz (with material from dpa); Translation: ck)