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GA English on Sunday: News in Brief from Bonn and the region

GA English on Sunday : News in Brief from Bonn and the region

Bad Godesberg politicians demand schedule info for renovation of Stadthalle, Vonovia empties cellar of tenant in Bonn without his knowledge, the SPD proposes to install special mirrors to better protect cyclists in Bonn , Germany's largest trampoline hall is to be built in Troisdorf, a casting for children’s movie about the popular book "Laura's Star" is taking place today in the Beueler Brotfabrik, the trial of a police officer in connection with a fatal shooting in the police headquarters begins on 15 August – here’s our news in brief on Sunday.

Bad Godesberg politicians demand schedule info for renovation of Stadthalle

BAD GODESBERG. The district councillors increase pressure on the administration with an application for redevelopment. The city council remains very cautious on the demand.

The renovation of the Stadthalle has been talked about for a long time, but nothing’s happening at the moment. All that is certain is that the building will not be demolished, but renovated, in 2022, when the lease expires. But that is not enough for the Bad Godesberg politicians. In an intergroup proposal, which the district council will deal with in its meeting, the district councillors therefore demand that the administration take action.

The public meeting of the Bad Godesberg district council will take place on Wednesday, 19 June. The meeting will begin at 6 pm in the Stadthalle, Koblenzer Straße 80.

(Original text: Ayla Jacob)

Trouble with housing association: Vonovia empties cellar of tenant in Bonn

BONN. The Vonovia housing association has cleared out a tenant's cellar in Bonn. According to the tenant: without prior notice. He estimates the damage to be as high as 18,400 Euro.

The couple have been tenants in the four-party house on Malgisostraße for 34 years. "That used to be a 1-A area," says Meuer. Built in the 1970s for federal employees by the Gemeinnützige Wohnungsbaugesellschaft, the houses were taken over about 15 years ago by Deutsche Annigton, which became the largest private landlord in Germany through its merger with Gagfah with almost half a million apartments and from then on was called "Vonovia".

verything began last year with a notice in which Vonovia asked its tenants on Malgisostraße not to store or park "any waste paper collections and cardboard boxes in the public cellar area". This "fire hazards" had to be removed or stored in the private cellars.

According to Meuer, Vonovia employees had cleared the room he was using without having contacted him beforehand. He cannot understand this, since in his opinion no escape routes had been blocked in the cellar or „fire hazards" had been present.

(Original text: Stefan Hermes)

SPD proposal: Special mirrors to protect cyclists in Bonn better

BONN. The SPD faction demands Trixi mirrors at all traffic lights in Bonn to prevent accidents. The traffic for bicycles should become safer. But the mirrors do not only have supporters.

After the fatal bicycle accident at Heinrich-Böll-Ring on 3 June, in which a 25-year-old cyclist died, politicians are now dealing with the safety of Bonn cyclists. The SPD faction in the city council demands so-called trixi-mirrors at all traffic lights and strategic intersections in the city area. In addition, additional bicycle traffic lights are to be installed at all existing traffic lights, which will allow cyclists to drive off before motorized traffic.

Ulrich Willburger from Seehausen in Bavaria invented the Trixi mirror. Since 1994, he has been fighting for the small mirrors to hang on traffic lights nationwide. The reason is a tragic accident. In 1994, at the age of 13, daughter Beatrix was run over by a turning truck on her bicycle and survived a serious injury. "I just don't want these accidents to happen again. They must stop," Willburger told the General-Anzeiger.

Experts, however, find the mirrors controversial. Siegfried Brockmann, head of the insurers' accident research department, is a „confessed opponent". "I consider it a red herring," he explains. The process of turning is a dynamic process that the Spiegel cannot reproduce. "If you mount the mirror on the traffic light pole, it's useless. Truck drivers have four mirrors on their vehicles, with which they can see cyclists and pedestrians at a red traffic light." Once the truck driver has started the turning process, the mirror would be useless because the truck has long since passed it. Brockmann advocates turn-off assistants and calls for direct visibility.

(Original text: Maximilian Mühlens)

5000 square meters: Germany's largest trampoline hall to be built in Troisdorf

TROISDORF. The entrepreneur Markus Eich builds a new trampoline hall at the Junkersring in Spich and celebrates the topping-out ceremony with around 200 guests. Opening is scheduled for October.

Troisdorf's deputy mayor Rudolf Eich put it in a nutshell: "Troisdorf will be one attraction richer". By this he meant the largest and most modern trampoline hall in Germany, which is currently being built at Junkersring in Spich. The ground-breaking ceremony took place on 25 February and the inauguration is scheduled for 11 October. On Friday, however, the topping-out ceremony was celebrated with over 200 guests, to which planner and builder Markus Eich and his wife Andrea Eich-Bücher had invited.

(Original text: Paul Kieras)

Casting for children’s movie "Laura's Star" in Beueler Brotfabrik

BEUEL. On Sunday, an open casting for the adaptation of children's book "Laura's Star" takes place in the Beueler Brotfabrik on Kreuzstraße. We are looking to cast for the leading roles.

After the casting of the German success series Babylon Berlin in January had already caused a huge rush and temporary traffic chaos in Beuel (the GA reported), film producers are once again looking for fresh faces in Bonn.

In the Beueler Brotfabrik on Kreuzstraße, the producers are looking for cast for the leading roles in a real film version of the children's book series "Laura's Star". The casting is held as an "open casting", so everyone can simply come and introduce themselves.

We are looking for actors for the leading roles of the 7-year-old Laura, as well as for Laura's 4-year-old brother Tommy and the 7-8-year-old neighbour Max. The casting starts on Sunday at 10 am and runs until 5 pm. Already on Saturday the producers had looked for actors in Wuppertal.

The exact address is: Brotfabrik-Bonn, Kreuzstraße 16, 53225 Bonn, Germany.

(Original text: Thomas Faßbender)

Fatal shooting in police headquarters: Trial against police officers begins on 15 August

BONN. After the fatal shooting of police officer Julian Rolf, an officer has to answer before the Bonn Regional Court starting in August. The man is accused of negligent killing.

In the case of police officer Julian Rolf, who was killed in November last year, the Bonn Regional Court has admitted the prosecution's charge of negligent killing of another police officer. As court spokesman Tobias Gülich announced on Friday afternoon, the main trial has been officially opened, the first day of trial of the responsible 4th Grand Criminal Chamber is scheduled for Thursday, 15 August. Initially, three further hearings are scheduled until September 2. The prosecution is directed against a 23-year-old colleague of the murdered man.

A trial based on circumstantial evidence is to be expected. There are obviously no eyewitnesses who have observed the situation directly. According to the General-Anzeiger, two other colleagues are said to have been in the same corridor. However, they hurried to the two colleagues only after the shot had been fired and provided first aid.

(Original text: Philipp Königs)

(Translations: Mareike Graepel)